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The Top 10 Best Dental Office Supplies and Products For 2020

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If you want to own the best of the best when it comes to dental office supplies, keep reading. Money doesn’t grow on trees so buying new equipment is a real investment in your business. As a dentist it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of what your practice needs over your available funds before making any purchases. 

With dentist equipment options at various price levels, you want to start by knowing exactly what you need to have in your practice. It’s important to make smart dental care purchases while also ensuring that your practice will bring about the growth needed for success. Here is our helpful guide to the best products you can purchase for your practice. 

1. House Brand Apron with Collar

If you want to keep a budget underneath $500, there are great options for American dental supplies. Doctors can benefit from an apron with a collar they can depend on for their Xrays. If you have several operatories to share aprons between, you’ll especially find this apron to be light and compact.

2. House Brand Luminary + LED Curing Light

When you’re ready to invest a bit more on your dental office supplies, the House Brand Luminary + LED Curing light is the way to go. For around $300, you can purchase House Brand’s curing light and save yourself time during your procedures. They are bright and efficient while giving you the ability to set white filling material within seconds. 

The House Brand Luminary + LED Curing light is designed with multiple LEDs that’ll produce multiple wavelengths of light and will set any white filling material on the market. It’s a durable product that is sure to last you a long time. It’s made from quality materials for durability. 

3. Premium Plus Patient Chair

Your patient’s comfort is important. For around $35, you can give your patients the relaxation they deserve during their procedure. Assuming that your dental operatory has enough space for your patients to comfortably recline, this premium chair is a quality product investment.

4. Dry Socket Paste

A great product to have on your shelves is the appropriate dry socket paste for alveolitis treatment. It provides your patients with instant pain relief during procedures. The dry socket paste works without gauze and is available for purchase at $149.99. 

If you usually numb your patient, scrape the socket, then notice some bleeding, this dry socket paste can be placed right on top of gelfoam and send the patient on their way clean and pain-free.

5. Zolar Photon Dental Diode Laser

A $3,500 diode laser makes it possible for dentists to cut in a bloodless environment. The laser allows you to simply make cuts while getting the same results that you would while using a blade. It also coagulates while it cuts and allow for desired drainage. This is a great product for a painless post-operative procedure. 

6. BesQual Electric Heating Tool

At the top of the list of American dental supplies for digital impressions are milling units. The BesQual Electric Heating Tool allows you to obtain your own images and use the milling system to design the crown in your dental office while your patient waits. It’s an advantage that companies have created milling units that collaborate with digital impression systems. This allows you to create crowns in-house. 

7. Dental Supply Bags

Lower on the expense scale are dental supply bags. These are essential dental care items for any practice. When your patient’s procedure is completed and they’re ready to head home, handing them a dental supply bag is a perfect touch on their experience. You can purchase dental supply bags filled with top American dental supplies that your patient will need for their aftercare. 

The average dental supply bag goes for $288.00 for approximately 500 pieces. 

8. Dental Supply Bag Assortments

When it’s time to fill those dental supply bags, it makes sense for them to contain some dental oriented products they can enjoy. In addition to toothbrushes and mouthwashes, why not choose something fun too? These House Brand Plastic Mouth Teeth are a great option for those in pediatric dentistry.  

9. Oral-B Adult Toothbrushes

Why not get personalized toothbrushes for your patients? With toothbrushes comparable to the top-selling Oral-B 3D White Vivid Toothbrush, you can purchase high-quality adult toothbrushes with your practice name featured along the handle. Find perfectly end-rounded toothbrushes polished to help protect your patients’ gums and teeth for less than $11.00 each. 

10. Personal Inhaler Plus Disposable Nasal Hood

Never underestimate what paying attention to the details has on the success of your practice. You can impress your patients by having a personal inhaler for those struggling with other health issues. They will appreciate the opportunity to discuss their other health concerns. 

Find the Right Dental Office Supplies

Ultimately, when buying dental office supplies, you should consider how it will benefit your patients. Before making a technology decision, look at it from the perspective of what will best take care of your patients. 

Investing in the supplies that better a patient’s health is a top priority — find a good deal on dental care products on our site!

Last modified: May 1, 2020

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