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ShadeWave from digital dental camera expert Dennis Braunston is a cloud based software that determines tooth shades using a digital camera and a special shade tab.

A digital camera image is made of the patient’s tooth or the one that has been manufactured on the bench. In the image, next to the tooth is our scientifically formulated ShadeTarget placed near the tooth. The reference target has known mathematical formulas as do all of the shade tabs. These are called our Standards. The image is then uploaded into the ShadeWave program.

The user selects their image and clicks on Auto Correct. This unleashes an automatic process that locates and determines, through the use of advanced algorithms, the formula of the reference target colors. The target formula is then compared and mathematically equalized to the Standard. This color corrects the entire image revealing all of the unknown shades, translucency and value.

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The number on reason for crown re-makes is color. Holding a tab up to the tooth to choose a shade is little better than using a paint chip to match your drapes. If you really want to match the color you take the drapes to Home Depot and they match the color with a high tech device. We can and should do the same in dentistry.

The ShadeWave system can be used by both dentists and labs. It is cloud based so it is accessible from anywhere anytime as long as you have an Internet connection and a digital camera.

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