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Getting More Reviews

 I’ve heard over and over again how important reviews are to a practice. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks one day. I was visiting another city and was looking for a great place to eat. And of course it had to be a Thai restaurant. How did I decide where to go? I ‘googled’ it.

So it was right then and there that I decided to pay more attention to getting more reviews for the practice. At that time we had about 5 reviews on google. Now we have 87. It has been about 14 months or so.


Public profiles rating

There are literally hundreds of ways of doing this. I’ve tried fancy software systems, ipad kiosks, asking patients, etc. I just want to share with you what we are doing right now.

We Have A Pretty Basic Approach To Patient Reviews.

ASK. It’s pretty simple.

Usually I would say something simple like – “Mrs. Jones you’ve been a great patient in our practice. We are working on improving our overall Google ranking and helping others know more about our practice. Would you kindly take a moment of your time to leave an honest Google review on your experience at our practice. It would really mean a lot to me.”

It’s amazing what happens.

To make it easy for the patient simply hand them a business card with instructions on how to leave a review. Here’s what ours looks like:


Dental Arts Google Review Card

Give it a try and see what happens. You’ll be shocked. Now hopefully you are treating your patients well so you get 5 star reviews!

Subliminal Requests.

The other way we encourage reviews is utilizing our Revenue Well software. Baked into every message is a ‘leave a review’ button. If the patient clicks that, they can easily leave a review of your office.

You can take these reviews and feature them on Facebook and of course ask the patient to submit them to Google, Yelp, etc.

Reviews are an important part of your business. In today’s world you can’t properly represent your practice without them – especially the ones on Google.

Get started today!

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Does your Online Reputation Precede you?

online reputation for your business

The vast majority of consumers search online for local services (source: BIA/Kelsey). As more people turn to the Internet to select healthcare providers, a patient’s first impression of your practice is often based on your online presence. You may think that having a website is enough, but it is merely one aspect that you need to consider in this day and age.

Arguably, establishing a positive reputation online is as important as anything else. Just consider that 78% of U.S. consumers’ purchasing decisions are impacted by online reviews (source: Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange). Given that, dentists need to consider how best to handle the online reviews ecosystem in order to enhance their online reputation and ultimately help win more new patients. Here are some simple tips to help dentists do just that:

Just Ask

When it comes to getting positive reviews, the first step is to establish a process for identifying happy patients and asking for their feedback. Many patients develop a great relationship with the dentist or their favorite hygienist, and would be happy to write a review if they knew it was important for the practice that they go to. In your staff meetings, pinpoint these patients and empower your employees to ask for reviews when the time is right, e.g., when the hygienist has a particularly positive appointment or after a patient raves to the front office staff about their experience with the dentist. Simply tell the patient how happy you are that they had a good experience, ask them if they’d be willing to write a review and let them know if there’s a specific website where you’d ideally like them to post that review.

Layer in Automation

Incorporating technology into the review process can also help with getting new reviews. Through an automated patient communication system, you can send an email asking for a review as a follow up to an appointment. If a member of your staff spoke to the patient while they were in the office, this may be just the reminder they need to write a review when they get home. This will also help you reach more patients with review requests.

Spread the Word

In addition to posting these positive reviews to your practice’s website, dentists and practice managers should also secure a reviews presence on both healthcare-specific sites — e.g., Rate a Dentist and ZocDoc — as well as horizontal sites like Facebook, Google My Business, Angie’s List and Yelp. It’s important to consider all the different places that potential patients may try and find you, and have a positive presence there. Technology solutions are also available to automate the distribution process, and immediately post all of your reviews on your website and across the web.

Keep Going

Now that you’ve developed a system for getting and distributing reviews, it’s important to keep this process going. Having fresh reviews plays a role in the patient decision-making process. You can encourage office staff to focus on getting new reviews by setting goals. Also reinforce the benefits of positive reviews so that everyone in the office understands the positive impact they can have on the practice.

Respond to Reviews

Finally, it’s important to engage online with the patients that are posting reviews on your practice. It makes a big impact on consumers if they see that you’re taking the time to address a patient’s review whether it’s negative or positive. Replying to a negative review can be particularly impactful. It often helps turnaround a bad situation and illustrates that you really care about a patient’s experience with your practice.

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Reputation Management is Key to Your Success


We’ve been contacted by dozens of dentists with bad reputations online. They have poor reviews, and know it’s hurting their practice. Enter Reputation Management For Dentists.

When I speak to these nearly desperate dentists I start off by telling them ” your reputation is your biggest asset in your dental practice. It used to be word of mouth, now it’s online reviews. It’s easy for someone who is looking for a dentist online to check out what people are saying about you.

Knowing this, I hope you implement a strategy to build a 5 star reputation both online and offline. This will not happen overnight, but with the right approach and diligence, you can turn around even the worst reputation online. If you don’t know what to do, contact a dental reputation management expert to implement the strategies to fix your reputation.

What I’m about to say next should shake you up a bit!

“You are only ONE bad review away from your practice revenues going way down”.

72% of people online trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. I want you to absorb that percentage and realize how critical this is to the success of your dental practice moving forward.

Over 80% of people searching online, have a local intent. That means the majority of the people online are searching for a local service or business. If you’re not found on the first page, with positive reviews, you lose, and the dentist down the street from you wins.

The future does not look bright for dentists (or any local business) who does not manage their online reputation.

No dental practice is perfect. Eventually you will get a bad review. So what do you do?

You “nip it at the bud”!

You head on over to that review site and respond. Do whatever you can to “make it right” with the patient. Even if you feel you are in the right, I want you to have the mentality “the patient is always right”.

When you reach out online, and respond to these negative reviews, a couple of good things happen.

First off, the disgruntled patient may in fact cool off and either remove the negative review, or atleast soften the blow publicly. Secondly, people reading both the bad review and your response will have more leniency in making their final decision. As people, we all know mistakes happen. It’s never the event, it’s how you respond that will make or break your practice.

I want you to really grasp this new reality. The reality that it’s becoming a very transparent world, with the consumer holding most of the power. Run a resort like practice in regards to service and experience, and you will achieve that 5 star reputation and watch your practice flourish.

We have a FREE online tool that will show you what your current online dental reputation is. You can give it a whirl at

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