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Selling your practice to DSO

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Selling My Practice to Corporate Dentistry

Dr. Cassidy and Dr. White discuss the process, step by step, on how to sell your personal dental practice to a DSO (Dental Service Organization)/multi-practice.

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Dr. Pat Casidy Podcast

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Want to build a top 1% group practice?

Check out this episode as Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dr. Pat Cassidy, CEO of Net32, discuss some key points in forming a successful group practice based on real life experiences.

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Key Pros and Cons of Private and Corporate Dentistry Models

by Dr. Patrick Cassidy & Eddie Stephens

Seth Godin talks perspective in his book, Linchpin. And in principle perspective can help you navigate the ever evolving narrative about Private solo or group dentistry, and Corporate solo or group dentistry.

Godin shares the story of a first-class train passenger traveling through Spain. He has the good fortune of being seated next to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.

The traveler takes advantage of his fortunate moment with the great Picasso. He asks, “Señor Picasso, you are a great artist, but why is all your art, all modern art, so screwed up? Why don’t you paint reality instead of these distortions?”

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