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Health benefit for your employees

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The Advantages of Individual Health Insurance for Dental Practices

Health benefit for your employees

Most dental practices want to offer health care benefits to their employees. After all, healthcare benefits are a vital part of recruiting and retaining the best hygienists, dental assistants, and office managers. However, for many practices, group health insurance is cost prohibitive, but according to Jordan Jolley with Zane Benefits, there is a cost effective solution: Individual Health Insurance.

“Employer-funded individual health insurance is ideal for dental practices because the solution allows them to offer healthcare benefits for employee recruiting and retention, while still controlling their benefits costs. The solution is affordable, 100 percent paperless, and flexible enough to fit the needs of a busy practice. In addition, by utilizing employee classes, the practice can set up different healthcare allowances for the different employee roles….”

Individual Health Insurance often works well for both the dental practice and the practice employees. While controlling costs for the practice, this option allows employees to choose their own plans to work within their budget.

Read Jordan Jolley’s full article: Your Small Dental Practice Can Offer Health Benefits Without Breaking the Bank.

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