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Marketing 101: Be Unique to Make your Dental Practice Stand Out


Your brand is not just a logo – it is commonly defined as your customer’s experience with your dental office. A brand is what your customers think of you and IS a reflection of everything you do: the way you send emails, your website, your Tweets, how you describe your business, and the logo on your business cards. It’s a complex mixture of feelings and personalities that make your customers love your work.

Therefore, your first plan of action should be to make define the difference that makes your practice unique, then create your identity pieces to coordinate. Here are some specifics on how to accomplish a successful and unique brand.

Step One – Determining your Brand’s Identity

First you have to define your market position – the features of your office or services that makes you different – also known as your Unique Sales Position. What follows is to create pieces such as a logo, business cards, website, and other marketing materials that are representations of that position.

For example if your dental practice specializes in state of the art surgery, your website would seem more credible with images of a sleek and shiny dental tools and equipment. An image of a dental chair with a retro dental chair in an old school setting would be contradictory and create brand confusion for your potential clients.

Your dental practice will need a logo, tagline and color scheme to define its professional identity online. Fortunately there are some online resources that can help you do just that –

Kuler is a website that includes some beautiful color schemes that you can use to create your brand’s identity

Logo Pond has an impressive collection of logos. Click on the search option at the top right corner for immediate results and search for “dentist” for immediate results.

Step Two – Your Letterhead and Business Card

Once you have created an online identity for your brand, the next step would be to use certain resources to produce a physical expressions of your brand. You cannot afford to be cheap with your marketing, be sure to hire a professional designer – a professional designer will have a considerable amount of experience creating business cards so it is best that you hire their services instead of trying to design these items yourself. Your business card, like your online identity will be what your clients will associate your dental practice with. This in turn will have a bearing on your status as a professional service.

Offer your clients an elegant, thick letterhead, business cards, or appointment reminder cards that gives them a tactile experience of high quality and contrasts with all of the digital contact that is increasingly common.

Here are a few places to find inspiration for business cards:

  • Flickr Art of Business Card Pool and Inspiredology simply give you a pool of images of business cards.
  • Corporate Identity Designs and All Graphic Design have images of sets of cards, letterhead and envelopes to give you ideas of how to put it all together

Market your dental practice by investing in items that will help you express your unique position and be memorable. Spending time thinking abut your branding is a valuable exercise that can reveal and redefine your business to be best positioned to set your dental practice apart. It is never just the logo or business card and should always consider the overall customer experience you want to offer.

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Dentists: Here’s Why You Need To Be On Google Plus

google+ for dentists
A few days ago, a dentist contacted me wanting to know about this “google plus thing”, and how they can leverage it to attract new patients. As a consultant, I have spoken to dozens of dentists, that are beyond frustrated of what to do online to attract new patients. Google has thrown another curve at them with Google Plus Local. I’ll explain what you can do, so read on.

If you haven’t noticed, when you type in your location and dentist, you’ll typically seeing a group of listings that are normally below the ads near the top of the first page. This is called the 7-pack, and if your practice is not in this area, you may be dead in the water in the near future.

I know what you’re thinking. “Another online marketing strategy I have to figure out or hire a dental marketing company to”.

Unfortunately, google owns the game, and with google+ they are integrating organic search, paid and now local listings all on the first page. With more people reading online reviews, and checking the location of dental practices, they are making their decision quicker because of these listings.

Google+ Profile & Business Listing

There are 2 things you are going to want to do to optimize for best results. Create your Google+ profile, which is similar to your facebook profile. This is not a business page, it’s your profile page.

Then you’ll want to create and link up your google+ local listing.

The key here is to completely fill out your listing. Make sure to use all the exact information that is on your website (company name, address and phone number).

Also make sure your office hours, as well as any special offers you have are listed in there. The more complete your listing is, the better your chances are to getting in that 7-pack.

Get Reviews

Now you want to build out your reviews. This is a tough goal to accomplish as google terms of service states you cannot solicit reviews, but when you have a happy patient in your office, you can ask them if they wouldn’t mind posting their comments on google+ Local.

The only negative is the hoops your patient has to go through to even leave a review. They first have to have a google+ profile. If they don’t, which most people don’t, they have to create a profile, then they can go to your G+ Local page and leave the review.

As a dental marketing consultant, this is a big frustration of mine with google. It makes it extremely difficult for my dental clients to extract reviews from their patients.

Moving Forward

In the near future, google will be combining many of these platforms, and “handcuffing” local businesses to play their game, so if you want to attract new patients from the Internet, it’s one game you must play.

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Google SEO and You


If you are reading this blog you are (by definition) aware of the power of the Internet to spread information. The Internet has fundamentally changed how people seek and find information, which in turn has destroyed the old ways of business communication like printed magazines and yellow pages ads.

Actually there are two things which have created this amazing change. The ability of the Internet to gather store and present vast amounts of information at very (that should be very very) low cost and the invention of Google to allow us to find and filter that information.

Getting your message, your name, your brand to the top of Google is now far more important than any traditional marketing device. Recognizing this companies have sprung up like dandelions to provide SEO or Search Engine Optimization to help you get to the top of the Google results.

As a small business person, a dentist, is it worthwhile for you to invest big bucks in SEO? The answer is the ever popular…it depends.

It depends on your location, the type of practice you have and how you are growing the practice. Every practice needs to have basic SEO in place but not every practice will be well served by spending thousands a month for SEO.

Here are some keys to understanding and investing in SEO;

  • Nobody has a secret method they can use to guarantee you will be on top of Google.
  • There is very little difference in results for companies ranking from one to five on Google. You do not have to be first.
  • Using “black hat” techniques to fool Google will likely get you bumped way down in the rankings.

Get help here.

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Share information without fear

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a helpful and user-friendly guide to social media writing. Social media can help you reach your patients when, where and in a manner that is convenient to them. You can easily reach an audience of hundreds or thousands of people with a single click. The CDC recognizes the power of social media in disseminating health and safety information and empowering people to make healthier decisions and has developed this guide to help you make each message count. This Guide is largely tactical, giving you specific ways to write for social media channels and is full of great examples. Best of all, you can download it for free!

Download your copy of the CDC’s Guide to Writing for Social Media here.

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