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How to Acquire and Keep Dental Patients

(There’s More To It Than You Might Be Aware Of)

No one wants to feel like they’ve been “conquered.” If your approach to marketing your dental practice feels a bit…well…overly aggressive it’s time for a change.

Patient acquisition, targeted marketing, funnel here…funnel there…marketing funnels everywhere! Well intentioned and useful strategies perhaps but they can create a mindset that’s not necessarily beneficial. Less beneficial if you make one common mistake during implementation.

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patient retention appreciation

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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Patient Relations

patient retention appreciation

Many private practice professionals will look to new marketing strategies to help expand their customer base. This is important, but it’s also important to consider how to retain patients you’ve already earned. Here are some tips to help you improve patient relations, and in turn, retention in 2016.

Stay on Schedule
According to Software Advice, an Austin, Texas-based software consultation group, 97 percent of patients are frustrated by wait times they face at the doctor’s office.

Staying on time is easier said than done, especially when late patients can largely throw off your whole day’s schedule. Respecting your patients’ time by reducing wait times can help improve retention. Create a plan of action to help you stay on schedule. Analyze the cause of your delays in 2015 and strategize how to fix the problem.

Provide a Token of Appreciation
The reality is that you’re going to get behind some days. On the days you don’t get it right, do something extra for your patients who waited, er…patiently. First, acknowledge when they’ve waited longer than they should have and sincerely apologize. Then offer them a small token of appreciation.

With just a few clicks, office staff can instantly deliver affordable eGifts to the patient. For instance, they can send a RedBox or Amazon movie eGift code via email or text message using the txtMovies platform. They can also offer to cover the patient’s next coffee with a Starbucks gift card, also deliverable through email.

You don’t have to go the digital route. If your office is located near great lunch spot or coffee house, have a stack of gift cards to these locations ready to hand out.

Ask the Catch All Question
As you show concern for your patients’ health, make sure you ask that all important catch all question – “Do you have any other questions at this time?”
This question above all takes only a moment to show concern for whatever your patients have on their mind.

By implementing one or more of these simple suggestions in 2016, you’ll be on your way to stronger patient relationships ultimately leading to better retention and more patient referrals!

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Dentist Marketing Ideas: New Way to Track ROI

As a consultant, one of the first things I normally do with a new client is to work with the front desk team to set up a system to track new patient referral sources. This often requires making sure the health history includes a question about referring, the front desk team asks new patients on their initial call – and we set up a report at end of month to look at every new patient missing a referral so we can fill in the blanks. It works, but as you can see, it requires some effort.

Recently, I was introduced to a new company that has developed technology that allows you to track your marketing efforts and skip the heavy lifting by the administrative team. They shared some ideas on marketing tracking that I thought you may find helpful.

Dental Marketing ROI (Return On Investment) – How Marketing Tracking Can Help Grow Your Practice

The only real way to keep your marketing budget in check, while increasing your new patient flow and growing your practice, is to make smart, fact-based marketing decisions. Making these decisions requires good data.

The key to having good data is meticulously tracking your marketing ROI. But before you can track your marketing ROI you have to understand what marketing ROI is and how it is measured.

Marketing ROI is made up of 3 components

  1. Incoming leads
  2. New patients
  3. Revenues

It is important to remember that incoming leads that do not turn into patients may seem like failures which should not be included in your measurement of ROI, but they can be very useful as indicators of other problems.

For example, the yellow pages ad you have been running for years may seem like it is not generating any revenue if you only measure it by surveying patients who come in and pay for service. If no one reports that the ad brought them in then your inclination would be to discontinue the ad. What this method of reporting doesn’t account for is that perhaps many potential patients saw the ad, called, and were turned away by an underperforming staff member at the front desk.

So, how do you track this marketing ROI?

How do you track the leads, the patients and the revenue?

How do you track the callers to be sure your staff is converting leads?

Some dental practices work to track ROI, for example:

  • Surveying patients on the phone and in person
  • Google reports
  • Reports from the practice management system
  • Spreadsheets
  • Paper files
  • The dreaded and ever growing pile of sticky notes

The problem with these methods is that now your staff has even more work to worry about, they may forget, or they may write something down incorrectly. Even more importantly, patient responses are in the moment and are often incorrect. You don’t really know where the patients are coming from.

A great example is pay per click online marketing. A patient may have clicked one of your pay per click ads online, made their way to your website, and then called your front desk to schedule an appointment. When they call in they may tell your staff that they found you “online” or “through your website.” Through no fault of your staff, or the patient, you will never know that it was really your pay per click ad that drew the patient to you.

A new solution to accurately track marketing ROI is an automated tracking software like Local Patient ROI.

Local Patient ROI is a fully automated system that connects to your dental practice management system and tracks your new patient leads, new patients, and revenues from each of your individual marketing campaigns. ROI can track virtually any form of marketing that you may be using at your practice. Direct mail, newspaper, TV, radio, PPC, SEO, SEM, blog posts, webinars, patient referrals, etc.

Through the use of tracking numbers and form tracking on your website Local Patient ROI is able to match new patients against records in your practice management system and produce a live, easy to read dashboard that will finally allow you make smart, efficient marketing decisions for your practice. Even better, your staff doesn’t need to manually input ANY information once the tracking is up and running. This leaves you and your team free to focus on the patient.


You can see a sample of the Local Patient ROI dashboard here. This shows that $1.1 million in revenue has been tracked from the variety of marketing programs this practice has invested in. It also shows the number of leads and new patients.

We can see that this practice has two specific marketing programs: the website and postcards (old and new). We can see the leads and patients documented clearly – along with the revenue generated by each. Easy to see what is working here!

When you know exactly how many leads, and patients that yellow pages ad produced yesterday, last week, last month, or last year it becomes much easier to decide if you should re-buy the ad or discontinue that spend. Furthermore, as an added advantage, Local Patient ROI provides call recording which gives you a training tool to ensure that you convert your leads into patients. When you see a campaign has generated many leads but very few converted to patients, this is a great time to listen to those calls to get to the root of the problem.

If you are marketing without using call recording to monitor and train your staff then no amount of good marketing will solve your problem. Making your front desk staff an active part of your marketing program by focusing on lead conversion will magnify the results of any marketing campaign you invest in. Automated ROI tracking allows you make confident, accurate decisions that drive revenue and new patients up, while pushing costs down. It also frees up your staff to spend time with patients, and it allows you to market successfully.

Request a Demo

If you’re interested in checking out the Local Patient ROI software that automatically tracks the referral source for each new patient and provides an easy to read dashboard to show you how much each marketing program is producing for you, then request a demo. Local Patient ROI is offering a discount of $96/month for anyone who follows this link: Request a Demo.


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Key Marketing Strategies to Successfully Differentiate Yourself from Everybody Else

Key Marketing Strategies to Successfully Differentiate Yourself from Everybody Else

In online marketing, one of the most powerful elements is to determine something that will set you apart from the rest. You may be thinking, “But Livvie, I’m just like everybody else. I don’t really have anything that sets me apart.”

First: Let me say to you that you have more right there at your fingertips than you realize. You are a very unique person. No one else has your skill set, your experiences, your way of viewing situations and solving problems in your niche.

It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of people doing what you do, they aren’t you! Don’t forget that.

Second: Be known as a client-focused business, a provider of stellar services. As a client-focused business you are known for making sure your clients needs are met and their problems are solved. You’re always looking for ways to make your clients happy and to improve your client services and support based on your clients needs…not your own.

Setting Yourself apart:

Recently hubby and I were eating Grits for breakfast and we started talking about when his uncle, who’s passed away, used to come from NJ to visit hubby’s mom a couple of times during the year. Before he left to go back, he made sure he purchased several bags of Grits.

Why? Because he couldn’t get them up North, they didn’t sell Grits up North at the time and he loved them!

Just like that, it started me thinking about how much that applied to our businesses. Yep, I’m always trying to see how something can be applied to business for being able to help you get more clients or to solve a problem. That’s all those “Client Attraction Tips” you see on my Facebook Business page and in your other social media streams.

So, because the Grits weren’t available where he was from, he made sure he purchased some and took them back with him.

How can you apply this to you and your business? By creating something that your viewers/clients can’t get anywhere else but from you.

At first glance this might seem like an impossible task after all we are living in an information overload society with social platforms going 24/7. How do you go about setting yourself apart from the rest?

Bring your Uniqueness:

As noted in the beginning of this post, You are a very unique person. No one else has your skill set, your experiences, your way of viewing situations and solving problems in your niche. It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of people doing what you do, they aren’t you with your skill set and experiences! It’s the quickest way to set yourself apart and the least expensive, because it’s all right there at your fingertips. You competition can’t bring to the table what you have to offer.

Create your own Proprietary System:

Creating your own proprietary system is a more expensive route, but can be financially beneficial. This is a system that you have created, owned or copyrighted exclusively by you. It’s not something available for public use or resale. Example: Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office is owned by Microsoft. You can use the product (purchase with license) but you don’t purchase the actual product…Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. The owner retains the actual product.

This is often the case with coaches and consultants. They create their own products, have them copyrighted and then teach the system to their clients. Clients may purchase a version of the product within the coaching classes/packages or when consulting but they do not actually purchase the proprietary system itself.

Your proprietary system is exclusive to you, your information and skill sets.

3:00AM Sweats:

Have you ever experienced the “3:00am sweats”? You’re awake at 3:00 in the morning, tossing and turning, breaking out in a sweat because you’ve got a big problem and you don’t know what your next step is or how you’re going to solve that problem. Your potential clients have them too!

No matter the market you’re in, you have potential ideal clients who’ve never met you but have their 3:00am sweat problems and they need your unique solutions they can’t get anywhere else but from you!

Simple Action Step:

Competition is fierce out there! Get started with one of the two options above (or both). Create your system using your uniqueness, experiences, and skill sets. Then focus on being seen as a client-focused business. Most clients are willing to spend more when receiving quality service. This also sets you apart by putting you in a position above your competitors and will allow you to even charge more for your services.

This is just one of the many areas we take a deeper dive into in The Power Up Online Academy training programs for game changing entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to attract more clients, accelerate their business, and make more money. If you’d like to find out more details visit OR reach out here

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Key Marketing Strategies to Successfully Differentiate Yourself from Everybody Else

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