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How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

Additive manufacturing is here to stay – is your practice on board?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is that rare once-in-a-generation technological innovation that has the ability to transform global manufacturing industries and commerce in general as we know it.

To be honest, it kind of already is. In fact, according to the most recent Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC), revenue in this amazing industry is projected to reach $28.9 billion by 2020.

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3D Printing – Taking Dental Work to the Next Level

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Three dimensional (3D) Printing is something which has recently experienced a sudden increase in popularity and can immensely help bring your practice to the next level. The printing process incorporates making a three-dimensional solid object in almost any shape imaginable from a digital model, through the use of advanced digital technology. The additive manufacturing process involved generates objects through a sequential layering process. Companies all over have discovered the benefits of using three dimension printing technology to enhance their business.

The added interest has been largely due to its many uses in products and fields such as jewelry, architecture, education and most recently in the dental and medical industries. Digital dental work is becoming standard in many dental offices around the country. Many dental offices have started offering digital crowns, digitally constructed dentures and other reconstructive dental service options to their patients. This new technology can vastly help your practice stay ahead of your competition through the latest in procedure implementations. One example of how digital printing is changing the standards of the dental industry for the better is through its uses in digital orthodontics.

Digital orthodontics is quickly becoming an industry standard in the dental and medical fields, with procedure advancements such as: increased production capacity, and a reduction of delivery times and model storage. Through the use of this technology even long term temporary teeth can be created. By combining oral scanning, and 3D printing technology, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, and a range of orthodontic appliances more efficiently than ever before.

As the three dimensional printing process is incorporated into new fields, it is revolutionizing the way we look at the dental industry. Companies have been taking advantage of this new technology to enhance dental procedures and the way dental disorders are being treated. Due to the increased interest in digital printing, they are becoming more accessible and widely used by dental professionals in even smaller labs.

This new product is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics and is helping many physicians treat their patients with less difficulty and in less time. It is just one of the ways digital three-dimensional printing is changing the dental and medical industries for the better. Making it easier than it ever has been to treat your patient’s dental issues.

If you are not using 3D technology to enhance your dental practice you can be missing out on a big opportunity.

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