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Modern Practice

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Modern Practice is a community produced and curated blog published by Net32. Submissions are accepted from any professional who has an interest in sharing new information, opportunities, and points of view regarding the practice of dentistry and medicine. The members of the dental and medical community can add their voice to stimulate the development of both personal and professional relationships within the community.

If you wish to submit content that you feel is of value to your peers please fill out the form below. The best efforts will be made to review, edit, and post your submissions in a timely fashion. Your participation with original content is shared with the user base of 21,000 dental and medical professional!

Items that you may consider adding to your post to enhance its appeal include links, website, images, author bio, author’s Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts, post original content, etc. in the body of the contact form. In addition, you will be contacted via email to coordinate any other details of publishing your post.

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