Direct implant impression has never been easier

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G-Cuff™ is an impression device that allows taking an accurate registration of a dental implant abutment. The concept is based on a “one take” PVS direct impression for natural teeth which has been used over decades with great success.

The purpose

The main purpose of the system is to support the soft tissue that surrounds the dental implant abutments allowing the impression means (conventional or digital) to access to the surface of the abutment. The system is compatible with most of the existing dental implant brands including Bicon Implants and no similar products are currently available on the market.

The advantages of G-Cuff™

The advantages and benefits of this simple and efficient system are both economical and clinical.

  •  As accuracy is the main factor in a restoration procedure especially for bridges or splinted crowns, the impression with G-Cuff™ is way more reliable than any other method either “open tray” or “close tray”. Due to the significant shortening of the lab procedure the risk of impression distortion is dramatically lowered.
  •  The G-Cuff™ system eliminates the need of the materials such as: Impression Copings, Implant Analogs, Temporary Abutments and Custom Impression Trays.
  •  In addition, the system solves a problem of the U.D.I (unidentified dental implants). The original abutment and a G-Cuff™ is enough to take a new impression and then to complete the restoration without even knowing the brand of the implant.

The list of the advantages is long and includes: reduction of redo rate, universality, chair-time reduction, precision of a framework, the fact it works with custom/stock abutments and so on.

Written by Dr.Zvi Fudim D.D.S.

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Last modified: January 18, 2013

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