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Our Top Selling Products: How Dental Managers Can Save on Supplies

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Kids or grownups, celebrities or the average person, they’ve all got teeth!

No matter who your clientele is, it’s vital that you, as a dental manager, choose quality dental supplies that will have your clients’ teeth gleaming and healthy.

Keep reading to learn about our top selling products and how you can save on supplies.

Our Top Selling Products

Whatever supplies you’re searching for, be sure to check out our top selling products. We feature these products because they’re frequently used and well respect by those in dental practice management all over the United States.

Our website allows you to compare prices from different manufacturers. You’ll be sure to find the best prices and you won’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find affordable products.

Cook-Waite Lidocaine HCL 2% with Epinephrine 1:100,000 Local Anesthetic

With the best deal at $38.50 and free shipping for a box of 50 – 1.7 ml cartridges, you’ll have difficulty finding a better price. A must-have for every dental office, add these to your cart today!

Septocaine Articaine 4% with Epinephrine 1:100,000

Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you’ll be completely satisfied with your product. Septocaine is one of our most popular products and we believe you’ll be completely satisfied! With prices starting $53.40 and free shipping for a box of 50 – 1.7 ml cartridges, check these out.

CaviWipes Towelettes

An in-demand product is disposable wipes. One of our most popular products is our CaviWipes Towelettes. They’re effective on TB in 3 minutes and HBV, HIV-1, MRSA, VRE in 2 minutes. They have a low alcohol content, are non-toxic, and are safe for all non-porous surfaces. Prices start at $17.79 including shipping for a canister of 160 wipes. Add these to your cart today!

Luxatemp Automix Plus A2 Refill – Bis-Acryl for Temporary Crowns and Bridges

With a five-star rating, add these bis-acryls for temporary crowns and bridges to your dental office stock. Prices start at $116.00 and free shipping. Learn more!

House Brand Premium Procedure Ear-loop Face Mask

We can’t talk about dental practice clinical supplies and not mention face masks. One of our best selling products are our house brand premium procedure ear-loop face masks. The box of 50 masks is ultra-fluid resistant and pleated, ensuring a comfortable experience for you and for all of your staff. Prices start at $49.00 and include free shipping. Check them out!

How to Save on Supplies

Now that you’ve got an idea of what our best selling and priced supplies are, it’s time to discover how you can save on supplies for your dental office. 

Follow these 6 tips and you could save thousands each year.

1. Set a Budget

This might seem like a given, but it requires saying. Setting a budget specifically for your supplies is absolutely vital to make sure that you end your year in the green. 

Set a budget by determining your income and your estimated expenses. And be realistic!  

2. Try New Products for a Month Before Bulk Purchasing

One of the best ways to save on supplies is to try new products before you purchase them in bulk. If you’re trying a new toothpaste, order a month’s supply and see if your patients actually like it and experience good results. 

3. Purchase Frequently Used Items in Bulk

Once you know the items you and your patients love, order them in bulk! You can often get a great deal by reaching out to the manufacturer and discussing a bulk order. 

4. Manage Your Own Orders

As the practice owner, you have a stake in the business. Be aware of spending and stay in communication with anyone you’ve tasked to handle supply ordering. 

By managing your orders, you’ll have more control over how your budgeted money is spent what purchasing techniques are used.

5. Ask for Free Samples

If you’re considering trying a new product, ask for free samples! Reaching out to the manufacturer and asking if they would be willing to provide a product “test-drive” can be a great money-saving technique.

Ask for a few week’s or even a month’s supply to try at your office. You can also ask if they would be willing to send you smaller sample sizes that you can provide your patients in their to-go bags. 

6. Look for Alternatives

Shop around! A price comparison site like ours gives you perspective on a variety of manufacturers. That helps you obtain the best available price. If you work with a dental sales rep, shop around for their “specialty” prices before committing.

Dental Managers: Ready to Start Ordering?

So dental managers, are you ready to start ordering? 

Whether you’re looking for supplies that will be used daily in the dental office or you’re looking for specialty items, check out Net32 to determine you’re getting the best price. 

For preferred products, set up auto orders. This can help eliminate the worry about whether or not you remembered to order face masks again. 

Start shopping and saving today!

Last modified: May 4, 2020

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