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An Overview of the Top Dental Supply Companies and Brands

The average dental practice spends more than $50,000 or better than 6 percent of its income on supplies every year. 

While these supplies are essential, excess spending on them can seriously hamper your practices’ success. Income unnecessarily wasted on supplies is money not going to grow the practice, secure the best staff, or upgrade vital technology. 

Fortunately, dentists can purchase from top dental supply companies without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn about the best dental supply brands and how to buy them for less. 

Top Dental Supply Companies

There are a handful of top dental brands that dentists know and swear by. These reliable, trustworthy companies include the following.

Mydent International

Mydent has been an industry leader since 1985. It produces over half of the consumables used in dental surgery and related work. It offers:


Also established in 1985, Metrex specializes in moderately priced, high-quality dental equipment. It consistently ranks high on the list of dental supply companies trusted and respected by dental professionals. 

Metrex specializes in:

  • Enzymatic detergents
  • Disinfectants and sterilants
  • Hand hygiene products
  • Infection control products


Carestream tops the list of dental equipment suppliers focused on dental technology. The company is a known innovator in areas such as:

  • Intraoral and extraoral imaging equipment
  • CAD/CAM options
  • Imaging analysis software
  • Practice management systems


Kerr has been a mainstay in the dental industry since 1891. Known for superb customer service, the company offers resources related to:

  • Dental diagnoses
  • Creative treatment options
  • Restoratives
  • Digital imaging solutions
  • Instruments and equipment
  • Infection control

DMG America

DMG is famous for its emphasis on efficiency in dental operations. It primarily provides impression materials and preventatives. They make:

  • Preventatives
  • Impression materials
  • Digital technology

3M Oral Care

3M Oral Care is a division of Fortune 500 company 3M. It holds a secure place among dental supply manufacturers and is a reliable problem solver for the industry. 

Sultan Healthcare

Sultan specializes in top-quality impression and restorative materials and supplies. They produce:

  • Restoratives
  • Operative supplies
  • Preventatives
  • Infection control products


Septodont joined the ranks of top dental supply companies in 1932 and never left. It is a world-wide distributor of dental products the world over. It specializes in:

  • Restoratives
  • Pain management
  • Endodontics

Other Popular Dental Brands

While the companies above may be industry leaders, there are a few other brands worth knowing, as well. These include:

Patterson Dental Supplies

Patterson is known for its broad range of products, great customer service, focus on advancing dental technology.

Midwest Dental Supply

Midwest specializes in X-ray and other digital technologies. They also offer design and IT support. 

Darby Dental Supplies

Darby is famous for its massive product line and top-notch customer service. 

Pearson Dental Supplies

Pearson caters primarily to specialist dental practitioners, such as: 

  • Orthodontists
  • Endodontists
  • Prostodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Oral surgeons

Henry Schein 

Schein boasts more than 1 million customers worldwide and is famous for its:

  • Software and technology options
  • Business design support
  • Supply chain management solutions

Benco Dental Supplies

Benco has been a key player in the dental market since 1930. It offers a full range of products and services. 

Choosing Dental Suppliers For Your Practice

Choosing where to buy dental supplies for your practice can be challenging. Certainly, any of the big names in the industry are likely to provide decent service and products. But there’s a great deal more to consider. 

First, there is the question of scope. As noted above, many suppliers specialize in just a few types of products. The average practice, however, may need supplies across diverse categories including: 

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Impression materials
  • Cements and liners
  • Infection Control
  • Anesthetics
  • Preventatives
  • Acrylics, Reline and Trays
  • Burrs and Diamonds
  • X-ray products
  • Equipment
  • Disposables

Working with numerous suppliers can make dentists’ lives more difficult. It can:

  • Increase the time and effort spent on inventory
  • Increase the time and effort spent on ordering and billing
  • Create confusion and inconvenience relating to deliveries 
  • Increase the likelihood of running out of or overstocking key items

Using a single, centralized supplier that stocks all the major brands can help. Practices often find they save time, money, energy, and frustration. 

Many such suppliers also offer an auto-ordering option. Setting up recurring automatic orders for items used at a consistent rate can further reduce the hassles and time involved in keeping your practice well-stocked. 

Securing Cost Savings 

In addition to using a single supplier, practices can often secure cost savings by identifying compatible brands. Many suppliers produce cross-compatible products. House brands may be more affordable than name brand products while offering comparable quality. 

For example, Midwest Dental Supply offers an RA #6 round carbide bur. Other suppliers offer the same carbide bur under a different brand name for significantly less.  

Similarly, most cuspidors bowls are designed to use a single, universally-sized evacuation trap. Buying dental brand name replacements can be pricey. Purchasing a nearly identical product from an alternate supplier can save a surprising amount of money with no sacrifice in quality. 

Dental Branding And Your Practice

America’s top dental supply companies have earned their names and reputations. But buying from them directly is often not in the best interests of a practice. 

Alternative, centralized suppliers can simplify your ordering needs and save you money.  Whether you buy brand-name items through these suppliers or swap in equivalent, less-expensive products, you owe it to your practice to explore your options for efficient, cost-effective supply acquisition today. 

Contact the experts in dental supplies and equipment and discover what they can do for you, now. 

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dental managers

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Our Top Selling Products: How Dental Managers Can Save on Supplies

Kids or grownups, celebrities or the average person, they’ve all got teeth!

No matter who your clientele is, it’s vital that you, as a dental manager, choose quality dental supplies that will have your clients’ teeth gleaming and healthy.

Keep reading to learn about our top selling products and how you can save on supplies.

Our Top Selling Products

Whatever supplies you’re searching for, be sure to check out our top selling products. We feature these products because they’re frequently used and well respect by those in dental practice management all over the United States.

Our website allows you to compare prices from different manufacturers. You’ll be sure to find the best prices and you won’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find affordable products.

Cook-Waite Lidocaine HCL 2% with Epinephrine 1:100,000 Local Anesthetic

With the best deal at $38.50 and free shipping for a box of 50 – 1.7 ml cartridges, you’ll have difficulty finding a better price. A must-have for every dental office, add these to your cart today!

Septocaine Articaine 4% with Epinephrine 1:100,000

Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you’ll be completely satisfied with your product. Septocaine is one of our most popular products and we believe you’ll be completely satisfied! With prices starting $53.40 and free shipping for a box of 50 – 1.7 ml cartridges, check these out.

CaviWipes Towelettes

An in-demand product is disposable wipes. One of our most popular products is our CaviWipes Towelettes. They’re effective on TB in 3 minutes and HBV, HIV-1, MRSA, VRE in 2 minutes. They have a low alcohol content, are non-toxic, and are safe for all non-porous surfaces. Prices start at $17.79 including shipping for a canister of 160 wipes. Add these to your cart today!

Luxatemp Automix Plus A2 Refill – Bis-Acryl for Temporary Crowns and Bridges

With a five-star rating, add these bis-acryls for temporary crowns and bridges to your dental office stock. Prices start at $116.00 and free shipping. Learn more!

House Brand Premium Procedure Ear-loop Face Mask

We can’t talk about dental practice clinical supplies and not mention face masks. One of our best selling products are our house brand premium procedure ear-loop face masks. The box of 50 masks is ultra-fluid resistant and pleated, ensuring a comfortable experience for you and for all of your staff. Prices start at $49.00 and include free shipping. Check them out!

How to Save on Supplies

Now that you’ve got an idea of what our best selling and priced supplies are, it’s time to discover how you can save on supplies for your dental office. 

Follow these 6 tips and you could save thousands each year.

1. Set a Budget

This might seem like a given, but it requires saying. Setting a budget specifically for your supplies is absolutely vital to make sure that you end your year in the green. 

Set a budget by determining your income and your estimated expenses. And be realistic!  

2. Try New Products for a Month Before Bulk Purchasing

One of the best ways to save on supplies is to try new products before you purchase them in bulk. If you’re trying a new toothpaste, order a month’s supply and see if your patients actually like it and experience good results. 

3. Purchase Frequently Used Items in Bulk

Once you know the items you and your patients love, order them in bulk! You can often get a great deal by reaching out to the manufacturer and discussing a bulk order. 

4. Manage Your Own Orders

As the practice owner, you have a stake in the business. Be aware of spending and stay in communication with anyone you’ve tasked to handle supply ordering. 

By managing your orders, you’ll have more control over how your budgeted money is spent what purchasing techniques are used.

5. Ask for Free Samples

If you’re considering trying a new product, ask for free samples! Reaching out to the manufacturer and asking if they would be willing to provide a product “test-drive” can be a great money-saving technique.

Ask for a few week’s or even a month’s supply to try at your office. You can also ask if they would be willing to send you smaller sample sizes that you can provide your patients in their to-go bags. 

6. Look for Alternatives

Shop around! A price comparison site like ours gives you perspective on a variety of manufacturers. That helps you obtain the best available price. If you work with a dental sales rep, shop around for their “specialty” prices before committing.

Dental Managers: Ready to Start Ordering?

So dental managers, are you ready to start ordering? 

Whether you’re looking for supplies that will be used daily in the dental office or you’re looking for specialty items, check out Net32 to determine you’re getting the best price. 

For preferred products, set up auto orders. This can help eliminate the worry about whether or not you remembered to order face masks again. 

Start shopping and saving today!

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dental office supplies

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10 Ways to Save More Money On Your Dental Office Supplies Order

Is the cost of your dental office supplies getting out of hand?

There’s no getting around the fact that you need certain supplies to keep your dental office running smoothly. But you don’t have to pay a premium for those materials.

Being strategic about how you order your dental supplies can make a significant dent in how much you spend.

The average dental practice overhead is 60% to 65%. Supplies are only one part of your overhead, but cutting your dental supply budget can decrease your overhead, which makes your practice more profitable.

Check out these 10 ways to cut expenses when you order dental supplies.

1. Assess Your Budget

Effective budgeting is an important part of dental practice management.

Spend some time looking over your budget for dental supplies. Then, compare that to what you’re actually spending each month. Do the two numbers match up?

The ideal budget for dental supplies is 5% to 6% of your total overhead. Having a good understanding of your overall financial picture helps you calculate those numbers.

Knowing where your budget stands helps you set goals and track how you’re cutting expenses.

2. Take Control of Ordering

Ideally, you’ll have one person who handles all of the ordering. This allows you to hold that person accountable.

It also makes it easier to avoid double ordering supplies or making mistakes on orders.

Take control of the supplies your office orders. Make sure everything that goes onto the order is necessary.

Set procedures and expectations for ordering so that the person who handles it has guidelines.

3. Know Your Needs

Knowing what you actually use and how much you use in a month is important for accurate ordering.

You might quickly go through some supplies on a regular basis. Gloves are a perfect example.

Other things might not be used as quickly. Evaluate supply usage and communicate with your staff for necessary insight.

4. Get Freebies From Manufacturers

Even a small quantity of free supplies can help reduce your supply budget.

It also gives you a chance to test out new supplies before you order them. Without sacrificing quality, you might find that a certain brand is a lot cheaper than what you normally order. Or you might discover that another brand performs poorly, so it’s not worth the money you’d save on it.

5. Comparison Shop

Do you stick with one vendor out of convenience? You’re likely paying more than necessary if you aren’t comparison shopping.

Large markups on dental supplies mean vendors can offer you lower prices to earn your business. Using a little healthy competition between vendors can help you come out ahead.

Our marketplace makes it easy to benefit from vendor competition. You can easily compare the options to find the lowest prices.

6. Look for Alternatives

It’s easy to order the same brands and types of supplies every month. But there could be alternatives that are just as good but at a lower price.

Many products could be similar no matter who produces them. Save on costs by looking for alternative manufacturers or different versions of the same product from your favorite manufacturer.

If you need new dental equipment, consider buying used equipment. Avoid equipment that’s outdated, but buying gently used equipment that’s still in excellent condition can save you money.

7. Consider Payment Methods

The way you pay for your dental supplies can help save you money.

If you use a credit card to pay, look at the interest and fees you’re paying. If you don’t pay off the balance each month, you’re increasing your dental supply costs with the interest being paid.

Not paying your account on time can add to your expenses. Vendors often add charges if you don’t pay within a certain time frame.

8. Keep an Accurate Inventory

Having an accurate inventory system ensures you order the right amount of each supply.

Having too much on hand means you’re spending more than you need. Buying in bulk is often cheaper, but if it takes you over a year to use up bulk supply inventory, you can probably save money by ordering smaller amounts.

Running out of supplies before your next order is also expensive. You might have to place a rush order, adding more costs for expedited shipping or quick delivery.

Your inventory system helps you check historical usage and the current levels of your supplies. That information lets you make better ordering decisions so you don’t overspend.

9. Buy Reusable Supplies

Many dental supplies are available in disposable and reusable versions. Disposable options are often convenient because you don’t have to worry about repeatedly sanitizing them. But you also end up spending a lot more money over time on the disposable versions.

Safety glasses are an example. You can get disposable safety glasses for the dentists and assistants in the office. They might seem cost-effective per pair, but the investment adds up quickly.

If you buy reusable safety glasses, you’ll pay more upfront. But you’re cutting down significantly on your monthly costs and often save money over time.

Look at the disposable supplies you use frequently. Determine if there’s a reusable version available. Compare the costs to see how much you would save over time to decide if reusable is the better option.

10. Assess Quality vs Cost

The cheapest option isn’t always the most cost-effective in the long run.

Look at the quality of products in addition to the cost. Paying more to get a product that works a lot better and lasts a lot longer can help your long-term supply budget.

Save Money on Dental Office Supplies

Cutting your dental supply budget can improve your overall profitability. A few changes to your ordering routine can make a big difference.

Are you looking for a new way to buy your dental office supplies? Learn more about how our system works to start saving money on the things you need.

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Dental software management

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Getting the Most “Mileage” from Your Dental Practice Management Software

Describing practice management (PM) software as “state-of-the-art” is common. What’s not so common is using it to its full potential.

Any substantial technology can easily lure you into a usage “rut.” The best PM software packages include companies like (ACE Dental, Dentimax, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Denticon, etc.) contain a myriad of features some of which are core functionalities (scheduling, appointment tracking, insurance claim management, paperless record keeping, secure cloud-based storage and access, patient communication, etc.) that “boot up” automatically the first time you use the software. Those capabilities may be so superior to what you had before that exploration of valuable additional features may fall by the wayside. Here’s how to get out of that rut.

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Patient attrition causes and the solutions that increase lifetime loyalty

Making friends and keeping friends are two different things. Each requires self-awareness.

The same applies to acquiring and retaining your dental patients. 

What patient attrition can teach you about the quality of your patient relationships

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