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How to get more online reviews…

How to get more online reviews and use them to build and improve dental patient relationships

It’s what every producer or publisher waits to hear – “The reviews are in…” What viewer comments are to producers, online reviews are to a business, including your dental practice.

A review via Google or Yelp, for instance, can tip patients in the direction of your services. They can have the opposite effect too.

But positive or negative, reviews are beneficial for connecting with patients.

Why patient reviews have so much power

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How to Acquire and Keep Dental Patients

(There’s More To It Than You Might Be Aware Of)

No one wants to feel like they’ve been “conquered.” If your approach to marketing your dental practice feels a bit…well…overly aggressive it’s time for a change.

Patient acquisition, targeted marketing, funnel here…funnel there…marketing funnels everywhere! Well intentioned and useful strategies perhaps but they can create a mindset that’s not necessarily beneficial. Less beneficial if you make one common mistake during implementation.

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Growing a dental practice in a rural small community – Dr. Bryant Birch

Are you living under the illusion that advanced dentistry is just a big-city thing? That your success is limited because you’re in a rural area? You’ll think again after hearing Dr. Bryant Birch’s story in today’s episode. The nation’s mentality is changing, and technology is being welcomed and expected. Listen to T-Bone’s conversation with Dr. Birch for the inside scoop on how to expand your dental practice in a small town.

Dr. Bryant Birch: Small town dentist attains big success

Dr. Bryant Birch grew up as the son of a dentist, in Green River, Wyoming, population just under 1300. He took over his father’s basic dental practice and has taken it to the next level. In this episode, Dr. Bryant talks about the process of developing and expanding the practice, and a life-changing event that changed his attitude and the way he thinks and looks toward the future, including investing in dental technology. Listen in to this compelling and inspiring conversation about overcoming the odds and growing a highly successful dental practice.

Why do dental implants in-house?

One of the advanced dentistry procedures that Dr. Bryant Birch added to his practice is dental implants. In this episode, he talks about his journey of learning the skills, educating his patients, and eventually growing his practice 30% per year through offering implants. Listen in to find out why people love getting general and advanced dentistry from one doctor, and to get the tips and resources you need to grow your own dental practice.

Sleep Apnea treatment and other great ways to expand your dental practice

An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. In this episode, find out how you can help your patients get a restful night’s sleep by offering a dental appliance for sleep apnea, and what you can do to incorporate this into your practice with a sleep apnea champion on your team. This is just one of the great ways you can grow your business. As you listen to Dr. Bryant Birch talk about the expansion of his dental practice, you will discover many great ideas and resources that will encourage and inspire you to move your own practice into the future.

T-Bone talks about training the team at your dental practice

How do you train your team to have the same direction? This is Dr. Bryant Birch’s question for T-Bone in this episode. T-Bone offers a number of valuable insights into the process of getting your team to share the vision, be empowered, and accomplish goals. These ideas and many more are part of this conversation. Listen in and find out what you can do to take your dental practice to the next level!

Outline of This Episode

[0:17] Intro of this episode with Dr. Bryant Birch.
[0:43] Bryant’s story of taking over his dad’s dental practice in Green River, Wyoming.
[6:27] How Dr. Birch chose to make changes to the practice.
[8:39] How Bryant Birch went from simple general dentistry to high-tech.
[14:09] Bryant’s journey to doing dental implants in-house.
[20:29] Dr. Birch’s plans for building a new facility.
[22:26] The changing mentality toward technology in dentistry.
[24:19] Dr. Birch’s thoughts about taking insurance.
[27:16] T-Bone and Dr. Bryant on trying new things.
[29:28] Sleep apnea in the medical practice
[32:22] Dr. Bryant’s story of a life-changing experience that altered his attitude and the way he looks at the future.
[40:06] How do you train a team to have the same direction?
[45:35] Using community events to educate.
[46:32] The pre-requisites to taking it to the next level.

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T-Bone Speaks is a podcast dedicated to helping you achieve clinical, financial, and personal balance. You’ll love the entertaining demeanor and down to earth approach to dentistry.


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Three things to keep in mind about your reputation

More wisdom from Seth Godin:

Three things to keep in mind about your reputation

  1. Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you actually do.
  2. Early assumptions about you are sticky and are difficult to change.
  3. The single best way to maintain your reputation is to do things you’re proud of. Gaming goes only so far.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Three things to keep in mind about your reputation

In dentistry reputation is everything. Read the linked post, it is short and worth the effort.

New technology, especially the Internet and social media have accelerated the age old word of mouth process. Your reputation can be tarnished in the click of an eye. Because our reputations are so valuable dentists are especially concerned about online reviews and other social media.

Godin reminds us (as stated in #2 above) first impressions are still very powerful. If a patient comes away from a first visit with a positive first impression it is unlikely he/she will be persuaded you are a jerk based on an online review. However if the first impression the potential new patient gets of you comes from a negative online review it will be harder for you to overcome the impression and win them over. In fact it is probable that the potential new patient will simply go elsewhere and you will never get a chance to win them over.

The second big take away is that a good reputation comes from doing good things.

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Getting More Reviews

 I’ve heard over and over again how important reviews are to a practice. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks one day. I was visiting another city and was looking for a great place to eat. And of course it had to be a Thai restaurant. How did I decide where to go? I ‘googled’ it.

So it was right then and there that I decided to pay more attention to getting more reviews for the practice. At that time we had about 5 reviews on google. Now we have 87. It has been about 14 months or so.


Public profiles rating

There are literally hundreds of ways of doing this. I’ve tried fancy software systems, ipad kiosks, asking patients, etc. I just want to share with you what we are doing right now.

We Have A Pretty Basic Approach To Patient Reviews.

ASK. It’s pretty simple.

Usually I would say something simple like – “Mrs. Jones you’ve been a great patient in our practice. We are working on improving our overall Google ranking and helping others know more about our practice. Would you kindly take a moment of your time to leave an honest Google review on your experience at our practice. It would really mean a lot to me.”

It’s amazing what happens.

To make it easy for the patient simply hand them a business card with instructions on how to leave a review. Here’s what ours looks like:


Dental Arts Google Review Card

Give it a try and see what happens. You’ll be shocked. Now hopefully you are treating your patients well so you get 5 star reviews!

Subliminal Requests.

The other way we encourage reviews is utilizing our Revenue Well software. Baked into every message is a ‘leave a review’ button. If the patient clicks that, they can easily leave a review of your office.

You can take these reviews and feature them on Facebook and of course ask the patient to submit them to Google, Yelp, etc.

Reviews are an important part of your business. In today’s world you can’t properly represent your practice without them – especially the ones on Google.

Get started today!

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T-Bone Speaks is a podcast dedicated to helping you achieve clinical, financial, and personal balance. You’ll love the entertaining demeanor and down to earth approach to dentistry.

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