Can Blogs Get Your Practice To The Top?

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Reading blogs and blogging yourself are completely different things. While reading blogs may be entertaining, it is arguably more beneficial to your business to actively participate in the conversation by writing for blogs or hosting your own.

Taking the time out of your day to blog might seem like a hassle, but blogs are the key to achieving a high page rank and being found by potential customers on search engines. Why? Because of backlinks.

Before I get into the technicalities, think of popularity. How do you judge popularity? Are people talking about you? Do you have a lot of connections? It seems like the more people you associate and connect yourself to the more popular you are. So if your blog is connected, through links, with lots of other blogs then you are popular to Google.

Like society, achieving popularity isn’t easy. Online popularity takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s not just about getting links back to your site, its about people and relationships. After all, people run blogs and people read them. Therefore, articles containing links have to be engaging and have unique content tailored to each blog, and the relationship with the blog owner has to be genuine.

Many bloggers are becoming skeptical of SEO, search engine optimization, but if done right and with good intentions, links are harmless and provide readers with more information. As a blog, guidelines for guest posters can address many black hat SEO issues and ensure that articles are quality.

Now, how does all of this pertain to the dental profession? Like all other businesses, dental practices have lots of competition and online is a great way to differentiate your company. Blogging is a good start to a better page rank and not just on your own blog, but by writing for other blogs as well.

If you decide to start blogging, not everything has to be about your job. Blogs can be about anything. My dentist usually writes about his travels and volunteer work on blogs. This is a good approach to expand your online reach and open more blogging opportunities.

Once you post a variety of articles on your blog and related blogs, you will see not only an increase in your site’s traffic, but your Google rankings. And the best part about blogs: they’re free.


Caroline Elliott is a freelance beauty and health writer, who also enjoys writing informational articles on online success. You can see some of her work on this website.

Last modified: July 24, 2013

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