Mike Nicholls is the <strong><em><a href="http://www.dentalhandpiecerepairguy.com">Dental Handpiece Repair Guy</a>. </em></strong>Mike started his home-based repair business 6 years ago and it has grown considerably due to his fast, quality service using only the highest-quality German made ISO replacement parts.  Mike is a strong believer in the proper daily maintenance of all handpieces as recommended by the manufacturer. In addition to repair services, Mike offers several maintenance training videos for your staff to review from your computer.

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Extend the Life of Your Dental Handpieces

Want to keep your dental handpieces running smoothly and the repairman out of your office?  Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts to extend the life of your dental handpieces, brought to you by the Dental Handpiece Repair Guy.

  1. Always remove burs and close levers before autoclaving.
  2. Always Lube & Purge your handpiece before autoclaving.
  3. Never place any handpiece in an Ultra-Sonic unit.
  4. Never exceed 275°F in your sterilizer.
  5. Never place your handpiece under cold water to cool.
  6. Always allow your handpiece to cool at room temperature before using.
  7. Never knock hot handpieces together. They are very fragile!
  8. Do not drop your handpieces.  Dropping will likely damage the turbines.
  9. Do not extend burs out from their seated position.
  10. Never set the air pressure above 40 psi.

The inside of your handpiece tells a story.  If you’ve not been caring for it properly and following the proper daily maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer, it will show!  A reputable repairman can look inside your handpiece and inform you how to achieve longer wear life and better performance from your particular model.

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