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Video Marketing for Dentists


Learn How Video Can Boost The Bottom Line Of Your Practice

Of the hundreds of dental websites I analyze over 98% of them do not use video either not at all, or very limited and not the right format.

This is a huge mistake, as online video is exploding. Many people on the Internet would much rather watch a 2 minute educational video than read a 600 word article.

Watching online videos is now an activity more people are doing. In fact, 78% of people watch at least once a week and 55% watch everyday.

Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online (b2bmarketing.net)

According to youtube, over 1 billion unique users visit their site monthly.

Okay…enough with the statistics, I hope I got your attention.

I know you might think a dental video would be viewed as boring, but when someone wants to learn more about something including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns vs veneers, etc., they would watch a video in a heart beat.

This is an opportunity for you the dentist, to gain instant authority in your area. Your competitors aren’t doing it, so take the lead and be the “go to” dentist with all the great info that educates a potential patient to make an informed decision to call your practice for an appointment.

Types of Videos

The dozens of dental clients we work with have no idea what type of video that will be valuable to a visitor of their website, and I  can assure you, if it’s of value, you can’t do a bad video.

But to help you out, I want you to think of all the dental questions you get asked by either a patient or during an initial consultation.

Now here’s where it gets fun!

FAQ Videos

You can turn each question into a stand alone video that is on youtube and more importantly on your website. The benefit of this is twofold.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the biggest one (google). So you will get people searching on youtube who will consume your video content.

Secondly, when you embed a youtube video on your site, google will reward you with a pat on the back, and a little google love in regards to SEO.

Another type of video is testimonials. But here’s where I want you to think differently. I know you have several evangelists for your practice. Reach out to them to do a video for you, in your office using a smart phone, but here’s the secret that I don’t want you to tell anyone else.

Get them to tell a powerful story of how the dental work has improved their personal and/or business life. If they can relate it to a specific event, even better.

Everyone loves stories, as they can connect and resonate with them. It’s a powerful marketing strategy.

Homepage Doc Video

Okay…this is where you can set your practice apart from all your competitors.

I want you to get in a quiet room with preferably a nice, professional background behind you, but not distracting so people are looking at it and not you.

Get your office manager or a team member to shoot a video of you talking about yourself, your practice, and what you can do for a patient for no longer than 2 minutes.

You just allowed a visitor to your website to get to know you and see you are a real human being they want to do business with before they even come into your practice.

In a future article, I’ll discuss how you need to optimize each video for maximum results in both rankings in youtube and your website.

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Reputation Management is Key to Your Success


We’ve been contacted by dozens of dentists with bad reputations online. They have poor reviews, and know it’s hurting their practice. Enter Reputation Management For Dentists.

When I speak to these nearly desperate dentists I start off by telling them ” your reputation is your biggest asset in your dental practice. It used to be word of mouth, now it’s online reviews. It’s easy for someone who is looking for a dentist online to check out what people are saying about you.

Knowing this, I hope you implement a strategy to build a 5 star reputation both online and offline. This will not happen overnight, but with the right approach and diligence, you can turn around even the worst reputation online. If you don’t know what to do, contact a dental reputation management expert to implement the strategies to fix your reputation.

What I’m about to say next should shake you up a bit!

“You are only ONE bad review away from your practice revenues going way down”.

72% of people online trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. I want you to absorb that percentage and realize how critical this is to the success of your dental practice moving forward.

Over 80% of people searching online, have a local intent. That means the majority of the people online are searching for a local service or business. If you’re not found on the first page, with positive reviews, you lose, and the dentist down the street from you wins.

The future does not look bright for dentists (or any local business) who does not manage their online reputation.

No dental practice is perfect. Eventually you will get a bad review. So what do you do?

You “nip it at the bud”!

You head on over to that review site and respond. Do whatever you can to “make it right” with the patient. Even if you feel you are in the right, I want you to have the mentality “the patient is always right”.

When you reach out online, and respond to these negative reviews, a couple of good things happen.

First off, the disgruntled patient may in fact cool off and either remove the negative review, or atleast soften the blow publicly. Secondly, people reading both the bad review and your response will have more leniency in making their final decision. As people, we all know mistakes happen. It’s never the event, it’s how you respond that will make or break your practice.

I want you to really grasp this new reality. The reality that it’s becoming a very transparent world, with the consumer holding most of the power. Run a resort like practice in regards to service and experience, and you will achieve that 5 star reputation and watch your practice flourish.

We have a FREE online tool that will show you what your current online dental reputation is. You can give it a whirl at http://www.dentalreputationreport.com.

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Dentists: Here’s Why You Need To Be On Google Plus

google+ for dentists
A few days ago, a dentist contacted me wanting to know about this “google plus thing”, and how they can leverage it to attract new patients. As a consultant, I have spoken to dozens of dentists, that are beyond frustrated of what to do online to attract new patients. Google has thrown another curve at them with Google Plus Local. I’ll explain what you can do, so read on.

If you haven’t noticed, when you type in your location and dentist, you’ll typically seeing a group of listings that are normally below the ads near the top of the first page. This is called the 7-pack, and if your practice is not in this area, you may be dead in the water in the near future.

I know what you’re thinking. “Another online marketing strategy I have to figure out or hire a dental marketing company to”.

Unfortunately, google owns the game, and with google+ they are integrating organic search, paid and now local listings all on the first page. With more people reading online reviews, and checking the location of dental practices, they are making their decision quicker because of these listings.

Google+ Profile & Business Listing

There are 2 things you are going to want to do to optimize for best results. Create your Google+ profile, which is similar to your facebook profile. This is not a business page, it’s your profile page.

Then you’ll want to create and link up your google+ local listing.

The key here is to completely fill out your listing. Make sure to use all the exact information that is on your website (company name, address and phone number).

Also make sure your office hours, as well as any special offers you have are listed in there. The more complete your listing is, the better your chances are to getting in that 7-pack.

Get Reviews

Now you want to build out your reviews. This is a tough goal to accomplish as google terms of service states you cannot solicit reviews, but when you have a happy patient in your office, you can ask them if they wouldn’t mind posting their comments on google+ Local.

The only negative is the hoops your patient has to go through to even leave a review. They first have to have a google+ profile. If they don’t, which most people don’t, they have to create a profile, then they can go to your G+ Local page and leave the review.

As a dental marketing consultant, this is a big frustration of mine with google. It makes it extremely difficult for my dental clients to extract reviews from their patients.

Moving Forward

In the near future, google will be combining many of these platforms, and “handcuffing” local businesses to play their game, so if you want to attract new patients from the Internet, it’s one game you must play.

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Is Your Dental Website Getting Results?


I’m amazed at the hundreds of dental websites I have looked at that are difficult to navigate, make me work to take action, and are basically wasting air space on the Internet.

If you have a website already, I want you to really take a look at its EVERY page, and ask yourself this question. “What’s the goal of this page, and am I making it easy for visitors to take action”.

When you take this approach to your dental website, you’ll have an awakening. You’ll soon realize there is a ton of room for improvement, which is a good thing, as it means with some changes you’ll get more responses.

What’s Your Main Goal

If you’re like all the dental clients I work with, you want your phone ringing correct? If so, does your website make it easy for a visitor to contact your office?

You may think it is, but I’ll bet you it’s not. You see…most of the dental sites I review do not have a prominent phone number. And worse off, many pages don’t have it at all! This makes your dental site a complete waste!

With any marketing, you are paying to get more patients, and that is the same goal of your dental website.

The Second Goal Is…

When someone is looking for a dentist, they want to know how to contact you (phone number), and where are you located (address and map).

With that in mind, you MUST have a map on your dental website! There’s no negotiating on this one! If you don’t make it easy for visitor to see where you’re located, you’re dead in the water. Toast!

I would say of all the dental websites I review, 80% of them do not have a map.

If you don’t, I want you to contact your webmaster right now and get a map put on your homepage ASAP! Don’t put this off! Get it up there and you’ll see a boost in the number of phone calls you get.

So if and when you decide to update/redesign your dental website, don’t go for pretty, go for functional. Make it easy for people to call you and find out where you’re located. Do this and your practice with prosper.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to what your website should accomplish.

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Video Marketing To Grow Your Dental Practice


As I work with more and more dentists, I’m finding out many of them are horrified to do video. They just want to get more patients and do what they do best. Unfortunately, to get more patients, you’ve got to implement a video marketing plan, as youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and the biggest one (google) owns them.

Online video is becoming more popular by the day! People are willing to watch a 2-3 minute video that is of value to them, or that they find entertaining; but to read a 600 word article might be a different story.

Benefits of Online Videos

Shows a real human behind the practice. With the hundreds of millions of websites on the internet and millions more being launched, it’s hard for people to see the human side of it. Shooting valuable videos lets people know you are the dentist behind the practice, and they’ll be more comfortable calling your office.

Builds Credibility

Increase credibility and authority. When you can show visitors to your website you are knowledgeable about your specific services and issues with dental care they will view you as the authority, and one they can trust. You can’t be dishonest in a video and not have the viewer know it.

More Web Traffic 

As I mentioned before, youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and google is now showing videos in their organic results. We’ve ranked many dental videos number one in google, so do you think you’ll get more traffic to your website? Yes, but…you must optimize each and every video to get those high rankings.

Save Time On New Patient Inquiries

Answer common questions in your videos. We implement video marketing strategies with our dental clients where they answer all of the common questions they get, which saves time with your front desk person not having to answer these repetitive questions.

Video Testimonials

Real people getting real results. When you have a happy patient, ask them if it’s okay to shoot a quick video right there in your office that you can post on youtube. Getting their permission is critical, as you don’t want to get in trouble doing it without their knowledge.  These videos can be impacting, and get the visitor to quickly call you and not your competitors.

These are just a few strategies you can implement with video to grow your dental practice. Don’t get overwhelmed with this, but pull our your smartphone and start having some fun in your practice.

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