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patient retention appreciation

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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Patient Relations

patient retention appreciation

Many private practice professionals will look to new marketing strategies to help expand their customer base. This is important, but it’s also important to consider how to retain patients you’ve already earned. Here are some tips to help you improve patient relations, and in turn, retention in 2016.

Stay on Schedule
According to Software Advice, an Austin, Texas-based software consultation group, 97 percent of patients are frustrated by wait times they face at the doctor’s office.

Staying on time is easier said than done, especially when late patients can largely throw off your whole day’s schedule. Respecting your patients’ time by reducing wait times can help improve retention. Create a plan of action to help you stay on schedule. Analyze the cause of your delays in 2015 and strategize how to fix the problem.

Provide a Token of Appreciation
The reality is that you’re going to get behind some days. On the days you don’t get it right, do something extra for your patients who waited, er…patiently. First, acknowledge when they’ve waited longer than they should have and sincerely apologize. Then offer them a small token of appreciation.

With just a few clicks, office staff can instantly deliver affordable eGifts to the patient. For instance, they can send a RedBox or Amazon movie eGift code via email or text message using the txtMovies platform. They can also offer to cover the patient’s next coffee with a Starbucks gift card, also deliverable through email.

You don’t have to go the digital route. If your office is located near great lunch spot or coffee house, have a stack of gift cards to these locations ready to hand out.

Ask the Catch All Question
As you show concern for your patients’ health, make sure you ask that all important catch all question – “Do you have any other questions at this time?”
This question above all takes only a moment to show concern for whatever your patients have on their mind.

By implementing one or more of these simple suggestions in 2016, you’ll be on your way to stronger patient relationships ultimately leading to better retention and more patient referrals!

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