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Google Plus for Dentists

Does your dental practice have a Google Places listing (also known as Google Local Listing)? If so, you have probably noticed that your listing has changed to a Google Plus listing. Before you panic, understand the differences between these Google platforms and evaluate which profile is best for your practice.

1. Google Plus Local: http://plus.google.com/local

What formerly was called Google Places is now called Google Plus Local; this new listing simply functions as the updated version of Google Places. It is designed for small local businesses but does not have the full functionality of a Google Plus account. These listings are also still included in the Maps section of Google. As Google implements their new scoring and review system, all Google Places accounts will be upgraded to Google Plus Local listings. If you already have an existing Google Places account, you are still able to access your regular login page.

2. Google Plus for Business: http://www.google.com/+/business/

Google Plus for Business is an option for any business, large or small. While Google Plus Local focuses on local businesses in each area, Google Plus for Business is used for large corporations as well. It is a fully functional social page (similar to Facebook business profiles). Businesses that sign up for this will need to start the process as a business. Eventually, Google is planning to merge these first two categories into one listing. As for now, they currently operate as two separate entities and may stay this way for some time.

3. Google Plus: http://plus.google.com

Regular Google Plus accounts are designed for individuals and should not be used for businesses. At the launch of Google Plus, business pages were not available and many users opted to create regular Google Plus accounts to represent their business. As these pages will not function properly for a business long-term, these pages should not be promoted. Instead, a Google Plus Local or Google Plus for Business account should be created for your dental practice.

As Google changes constantly, Solution21 can help you adapt to keep your practice’s online listings active and competitive. Solution21 offers Local Listing options that include complete setup for Google Plus Local setup. We also offer social networking packages that include setup of Google Plus for Business, Facebook, Twitter, and a custom blog.

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Remarketing for Dentists

While browsing the Internet, have you ever noticed banner ads show up from previous websites you’ve visited? For example, you could be on your home computer shopping around for the latest dental equipment. Once you’ve moved on from dental equipment to checking emails, you notice banner ads advertising dental equipment ads start to appear. Imagine finding banner ads for your office displaying on the top of the web browser while browsing the Internet. This kind of advertising is called Remarketing, where advertisers have control of the target market they want their ads to display to, due to the advanced technology of Google.

Remarketing works for dental or medical offices as well, not only for large companies. Why not start a Google remarketing campaign and take advantage of this advanced technology?

Here is how Google Remarketing works:

  1. A potential patient visits your website.
  2. The potential patient’s visit is recorded/remembered.
  3. Banner ads begin to appear on additional websites as they browse the Internet.
  4. The potential client notices

Remarketing is a great strategy because it may reel those patients that are on-the-fence about visiting your office and it may give someone the push they need to finally visit a dentist after many years. It gives the impression that your dental or medical practice is, in a sense, “everywhere.”

Solution21 includes Remarketing in our Online Marketing packages. We will install all the features needed to create a successful Online Marketing campaign as well as design banner ads customizable to your practice. Give us call today and let us explain how your practice can benefit from a successful Dental Remarketing campaign!

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Blogging for Dentists

Does your dental practice have a blog? A blog is an online tool that can be used to share information, news, and events. Blogging is a free and highly effective way to advertise your dental practice and connect with patients.

A main benefit of blogging is that it provides an opportunity to show current and perspective patients what makes your practice unique. Blog posts can demonstrate the passion you have for your practice and for dentistry in general. When a patient views your blog, he or she will be able to see your dedication to staying up-to-date on the newest procedures and equipment, your commitment to patient satisfaction, or acting as a resource to inform your patients on preventative health practices.
There are endless topics to post about on a blog: dental procedures, office promotions, or new industry discoveries. Many patients appreciate when their dentist blogs regularly. It gives them a chance to learn more about the latest events and promotions happening at your office. Patients will find ease in noticing how knowledgeable you are on a procedure or new technological discovery.
Follow these tips from experienced bloggers to establish a successful dental blog of your own:

  1. Create. Websites such as Blogger.com offer free and simple blogging services. To start blogging, all you need to do is sign up for an account and start posting! For advanced users, you can embed the blog into your website as a live-feed, so the blog content will also show up on your website when you post it on the blog. To make your blog more entertaining, it is usually a smart idea to have an appealing design and add images to your blog posts.
  2. Update. As a dentist or doctor, it is not necessary to blog every day or even every week – once or twice a month would be ideal. Blogging can be time-consuming and you wouldn’t want to flood your followers’ blog feeds. It is also important to blog about relevant topics and issues that people would be interested to read about. Writing a blog about basic flossing habits or healthy eating tips would be very informative and interesting for a blog viewer to read.
  3. Respond. It is a good idea to view blog posts on a regular basis to check for activity and comments. Responding to blog comments shows that you are dedicated to patient satisfaction and it creates a conversation with your blog readers.
  4. Promote. Now that you spent time and energy creating and posting a blog, now it is time to promote it! The most efficient way to advertise your blog is to add a link on your dental website. You can also post a sign in your office or office brochure promoting your blog use. To promote new blog posts, it is always a good idea to post links to your office Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Solution21 has social networking packages that include blog design and setup for your practice, as well as unlimited updates by your personal Website Specialist. To find out more about our blogging options, call us at (888) 423-9235.


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Branding Your Dental Practice

Reflect on your dental practice’s marketing materials. Does your office have a professional logo? What about matching stationary? Do your staff members have their own business cards?

One of the most crucial parts of growing any business, including a dental practice, is the process of building a consistent branding image. A professional image can help give the impression that you are established, organized, and structured. These lasting images will provide a prospective patient with a sense of ease and comfortableness, which is something that you want your patients to feel when they visit your office.

While developing a branding image for your practice, the first thing to focus on is a custom logo design. Your logo is one of the most important steps in branding because it reflects your practice name in a way that represents your office. This logo acts as a “face” of your company, which is why color, font, and symbols are extremely important things to consider. Also, it is good to keep in mind how often this logo will be duplicated on your website, stationary, business cards, patient forms, and other office materials.

All of your branding material should reflect your office in the closest way possible. If your office is calming and serene, it is recommended to go with a pastel color palette. If you own a pediatric office, it might be a good idea to include bright colors.

Symbols and animations can help make your logo more memorable. Smaller symbols are recommended; they should complement the practice name instead of overpowering it. A pediatric office logo design may include a small child-like animation or a playful animal. Another idea is to include a symbol that relates to your city. The local feel of this may help your patients feel “at home” with a sense of familiarity.

If you are just starting to build your practice, a consistent branding image gives the impression that you have it together. Of course, if you don’t know where to start, Solution21 can help! Their graphic designers can design a logo for your practice that will represent your ideal practice.


Solution21 offers packages that include custom branding options that will increase patient conversion and case acceptance. For more information on these features, visit Solution21’s website for dental and medical branding options or call 888-423-9235 today!



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Twitter for Dentists

Twitter is a social networking website that consists of short and quick messages, referred to as “tweets.” In this fast-paced world, people seek Twitter for quick information from their friends, family, favorite celebrities, and yes….their dentists.
Twitter describes itself as an information network, and with over 340,000,000 tweets posted per day, there is information about everything on Twitter. Once a tweet is posted, it is public to anyone who is interested in it. People can also share your tweet with their followers (referred to as a “retweet”) and they can respond to tweets you’ve posted (referred to as a “mention”).
With over 140,000,000 users it is likely that your most social patients, those likely to make recommendations, are active Twitter users. To encourage your patients to interact with you on Twitter, make sure they know you have an account, and that you’re active on it or at least respond to your followers. Adding a clickable button on your website or the bottom of your email signature will intrigue your patients to visit your Twitter stream.
Once you gain your ideal number and quality of followers, try keeping your Twitter audience engaged. Tweet fun or little-known dental facts, dental jokes, dental comics, upcoming office events, promotions, and perks exclusively available to your followers.
A clever idea to promote your practice on Twitter is to offer some sort of reward or incentive to those following you. If you tweet something like, “First ten people to retweet this get a free toothbrush!” then your followers will share that post with their followers- thus gaining exposure for your practice, and learn to visit your page frequently. Open-ended posts such as “Take a look at our new ___!” can start a conversation with your Twitter community. This makes it a great way to start and build those personal relationships you pride yourself on, AND a great tool to receive feedback and input on a new process you just implemented, or an older system you’re considering adjusting. Just make sure you or your office staff set aside at least a few minutes each week to respond to Twitter posts.

Solution21 offers social networking packages that include setup of Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger pages, as well as unlimited on-demand updates. Meaning, you can call or email them with facts, events, and promotions and they will be happy to post them on your social networking pages for you. Contact Solution21 at 888-423-9235 to get started with the social networking world today!

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